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The following tables list some of the tools related to localization and translation available on the market. The lists are grouped by type of products and each group ordered alphabetically by the name of the tool. does not recommend one commercial product more than another.

Some products are offered in various packaging options (which are usually confusing and have a tendency to change often), such packages group several tools in a single "product". The information listed here pertains usually to the smaller components rather than these packages.

Software Localization Tools

appTranslator (
A localization tool for Windows EXE/DLL files.
By: appTranslator (Belgium); Platform: Windows;

Catalyst (
A localization tool for Windows EXE/DLL, RC, MFC, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, XML, etc.
By: Alchemy Software (Ireland); Platform: Windows; XLIFF support;
Crowdin (
A Web-based localization environment for various file formats: PO, TS, Java, Android, Symbian, etc.
By: (Ukraine); Platform: Browser-based.
Language Studio (
A localization tool for Windows RC, MFC, Visual Basic, MS Visual Studio projects (DSW, DSP and VBG, VBP files), InstalShield files, .NET, etc.
By: Atia (Bulgaria); Platform: Windows;
Multilizer (
A localization tool for Windows (EXE/DLL), RC, .NET, ResX, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, XML, databases, Palm, Symbian, etc.
By: Multilizer Inc. (Finland); Platform: Windows; XLIFF support;
Localizer (
A localization tool for Windows EXE/DLL, RC, MFC, Visual Basic, etc.
By: Lingobit (Russia); Platform: Windows;
Passolo (
A localization tool for Windows EXE/DLL, RC, MFC, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, XML, etc.
By: Pass Engineering (Germany); Platform: Windows; XLIFF support;
PowerGlot (
A localization tool for Macintosh applications.
By: Florent Pillet (France); Platform: Macintosh;

RapidTranslation (
Localization tools to work directly on compiled application. It includes workflow, editor, and other components. The "Tiny" edition can be downloaded freely.
By: RapidSolution Software (Germany); Platform: Windows;

RC-WinTrans (
A localization tool for Windows EXE/DLL, RC, MFC, Visual Basic, .NET, Java, etc.
By: (Germany); Platform: Windows;
ResxEditor (
Editor for .NET ResX files.
By: PeopleWords (France); Platform: .NET v2.0;
SDLInsight (
A localization tool for Windows EXE/DLL, .NET, etc.
By: SDL International (UK); Platform: Windows;
Sisulizer (
A localization tools for C++, Windows application, VB, XML, Java, PO, etc.
By: Sisulizer Ltd (Finland); Platform: Windows; XLIFF and TMX support.
StringDB (
A tool and component to extract strings and create multilingual UI for .NET applications.
By: SWBOX (UK); Platform: Windows, etc.
Visual Localize (
A localization tool for Windows EXE/DLL, .NET Binary, Access DB, XML, etc.
By: Applied Information Technology (Germany); Platform: Windows;

Translation Suites

across (
Set of translation tools.
By: Nero AG (Germany); Platform: Windows;
Déjà-Vu (
Set of tools for translation projects.
By: Atril (Spain); Platform: Windows;
Felix (
Translation tool add-in for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and HTML files (through TagAssist)
By: Ryan Ginstrom (Japan); Platform: Windows;
MemoQ (
Integrated translation environment for mostly document-type formats.
By: Kilgray (Hungary); Platform: .NET
MetaTexis (
Translation workbench, using Word for the main editor.
By: Herman Bruns (Germany); Platform: Windows;
MultiTrans (
Translation workbench using with full-text corpus technology, an approach different from "traditional" translation memory. Integrated in Word.
By: MultiCorpa (Canada); Platform: Windows;
OmegaT (
An open-source project for a translation editor supporting various file type and TMX.
By: The OmegaT team; Platform: Java;
Set of tools for translation projects.
By: SDL International (UK); Platform: Windows;
Transit (
Set of tools for translation projects.
By: Star Language Technology & Solutions (Switzerland); Platform: Windows;
Translator's Workbench (
Translation workbench, using Word for the main editor.
By: Trados (Germany); Platform: Windows;
Wordbee (
Translation and translation management tool for various file formats.
By Wordbee SA (Luxembourg); Platform: Web;
Wordfast (
Translation workbench, using Word for the main editor.
By: Champollion and Partners (France); Platform: Windows and Macintosh;
Heartsome Translation Suite (
A software bundle of three professional translation editing tools: XLIFF Translation Editor, TMX Editor and Dictionary (TBX) Editor.
By: Heartsome (Singapore); Platform: Java;

Content Management Systems

WorldServer (
Same kind of product as GlobalSight Ambassador, but the product information is not easily accessible.
By: Idiom (USA); Server platform: Unix, Linux, Windows (NT, 2K, XP); J2EE application;
Ambassador (
Globalization content management for Web sites and other types of document repositories.
By: GlobalSight; Server platform: Solaris, Windows 2K, HP-UX, Linux;
Heartsome Content Manager (
Content repository in the form of a XML content management Web service. Supports a multi-lingual XML-based search engine.
By: Heartsome (Singapore); Platform: multiple;
AuthorIT (
The Language Manager module of the AuthorIT allows you to interface between AuthorIt repository and the translators.
By: AuthorIT (New Zealand); Platform: Windows;


ENLASO Localization Tools (
A set of tools providing various functionalities useful during localization projects: text extraction, encoding conversion, XLIFF and TMX utilities, and much more.
By ENLASO Corporation (USA); Platform: Windows; Note: These tools are now ported to the Okapi Framework.
ErrorSpy (
A quality assurance software to assist the work of the translation reviser.
By DOG GmbH (Germany); Platform: Windows.
G11NToolKit (
An open-source set of globalization tools.
Platform: Java.
GlobalConvert (
A "pivot" tool to read and write various file format (TMX, CSV, Trados TXT, Excel, MultiTerm, and many more).
By: LinguaNet (Germany); Platform: Windows;
Okapi Framework (
An open-source framework providing interface specifications as well as components and applications
By: The Okapi Framework team; Platform: Java
Project/Translation (
An open-source based Translation Project Management system. It is Web-based and features functionalities to manage customers, projects, providers, finance etc.
By: Project/Open (Spain); Platform: Web client.

QA Distiller (
An automated quality assurance tool that scans bilingual files for translation mistakes.
By: Yamagata Europe (Belgium); Platform: Windows;

Quintilian (
A tool to search/compare terminology in RTF segmented files.
By Terminology Matters; Platform: Windows (MS Office);
Tramigo (
A localization tool for Flash MX compiled files (SWF).
By: Avral (New-Zealand); Platform: Windows;