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The Open Lexicon Interchange Format (OLIF) was originally developed by a group of users and providers of machine translation in the framework of the European Community project OTELO. The new version is developed in the framework of the OLIF Consortium.

The goal of OLIF is to provide a lexicon and terminology format that can be exchanged between various NLP (natural language processing) tools. One of the possible applications is the exchange of lexicons between machine translation systems.

OLIF version 2 is currently under development. OLIF has been designated to be the lexicographical component of the XLT lexical/terminology exchange standard that is being developed within the SALT initiative.

It is expected that conversion mechanisms will be put in place to transfer data from TBX and OLIF and conversely, allowing the use of existing MT system lexicons in terminology tools, and the use of existing glossaries in MT systems.

Complete information about OLIF can be found in the OLIF Web site.